Proxy Voting Instructions

High Income Securities Fund (the “Fund”) may acquire shares of closed-end funds in reliance on Section 12(d)(1)(F) of the Investment Company Act of 1940. One condition of Section 12(d)(1)(F) is that, for each closed-end fund for which the Fund receives a proxy, the Fund must (i) seek instructions from shareholders with regard to voting such proxy and vote it in accordance with such instructions, or (ii) vote its shares of such closed-end fund in the same proportion as the vote of all other shareholders of such closed-end fund. In certain instances, e.g., if there is a contested proposal to be presented at a shareholder meeting of an underlying closed-end fund, the Investment Committee of the Fund may deem it appropriate to seek proxy voting instructions from shareholders. Any shareholders that would like to be notified directly of such instances, should email us at The Investment Committee has determined to seek proxy voting instructions for the following closed-end funds.

Current Instructions Sought (PDF’s):

Completed (PDF’s):

Page last updated May 20, 2024